2018 World Cup Approaches!

It’s only a few months before the next World Cup and I have to say that I’m eagerly awaiting it. There are few things in the sporting calendar that get me as excited as the World Cup. One of the closest rivals would have to be the Olympics. What I love about the Olympics is the international aspect to it—the idea that so many athletes from so many countries come together to compete and celebrate athleticism.
That is equally true of World Cup and precisely what I like about it. I do have to put in a little caveat to say that there are many people who use these competitions to celebration nationalism. It is undeniably true that teams representing different countries—often nation-states—compete with one another in order to prove that they are the best. The only issue that I take with that is that a single competition is not evidence that any one country is better than any other. I find myself frustrated and annoyed when so many people use football as so-called proof of their nations’ superiority, as hen it comes down to it we’re really all the same.
On the other hand, what excites me most is that very element of international competition. For example, I work in a company with lots of people from across the globe. We all eat different foods on our lunch break and all have different ideas of traditions like what to do for Christmas or Eid or something more secular like New Year’s. The exchange of ideas, traditions and information is what I like about the environment and what the World Cup demonstrates in an truly nonpareil fashion.
For me the World Cup is a time to come together as different peoples with different backgrounds and to explore those differences through the medium of sport, specifically football. I’m happy FIFA has a no tolerance policy towards discrimination because that really goes against the idea of fair play and the sporting spirit.
The World Cup needs to be a time for people to come together and cheer for whatever team they chose while respecting others. If there’s a bit of friendly rivalry, all the better for getting people to talk and joke with each other, but for me it’s the diversity of the competition that makes it so special and that makes me look forward to it every few years!